NASA Now — The Search for Life

NASA now logoWatch this week’s episode of NASA Now and learn about a mission proposal to send a satellite to Jupiter and its moons Europa and Ganymede. The mission will map the Jovian magnetosphere and its interactions with the Galilean satellites. The mission will characterize water oceans beneath the ice shells of Europa and Ganymede, as we search for signs of life elsewhere in the universe.

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2 thoughts on “NASA Now — The Search for Life”

  1. L’univers n’est pas grand… n’a pas de limite comme DIEU.
    Et ceux qui on decouvert son immencite savent que DIEU voit
    l’infiniment petit car IL est infiniment grand.
    j’aime tout ce que l’ANASA fait…..thank you very much.

  2. I saw a show on history channel saying that europa had a stange red glow that didn’t match sediment and might be life and with the resent red rain in Indiathere is a theory that it might be ET any way I was thinking you guys could put the red rain in spetrum thing and see if it matches Erupa’s strange glow

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