Math Club Students DRAW on The Air Traffic Control Challenge

Currington Elementary SchoolIf you’re looking for ways to extend the Smart Skies: Line Up With Math module on the NASA Explorer Schools Virtual Campus, check this out. It’s one of many ideas that make the unit come alive.

Students in NES educator Joan Labay-Marquez’s Math Club at Curington Elementary School apply math to real-life problems, seeking the best solution among several possibilities. They defend their choices and explain how they arrived at their solutions. Building on the materials from the NASA Explorer School content module, Smart Skies: Line Up With Math, the students are required to create their own interactive story of an air traffic controller in either an animation or online game. 

Read more about other extension activities, exciting uses of educational technology, and the variety of resources Labay-Marquez incorporated into the Air Traffic Control Challenge in her detailed article in NEON. You’ll also find files provided by Labay-Marquez for you to download and use with your students.