NASA Now: Mars Excavation

NASA Now logoIn this episode, Kurt Sacksteder, Chief of the Space Environments and Experiments Branch at NASA’s Glenn Research Center talks about the importance of water on other planets and the tools being developed to mine water from Martian soil. NASA is working with a Canadian mining and space technology company to test designs for excavating natural resources from the surface of planets like Mars. They take measurements of forces applied to excavation devices, the traction of evacuation vehicles and even the flow of sand during simulated digs. 

Watch a preview of this episode below. Previews of other NASA Now episodes are on the NASA Explorer Schools channel on YouTube.

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NASA Now Minute: Mars Excavation

4 thoughts on “NASA Now: Mars Excavation”

  1. Mars VS Earth
    Watched a lot of programs about Mars, about how mankind is trying to colonize this planet and I was wondering why no one thought that Martians are we?
    Suppose people used to live on Mars, where the development of technology has transformed the planet into a desert, and then mankind has decided to move to Earth, where life has been all conditions!
    These are our ancestors were great people of Atlantis.
    But until we mastered the planet Earth, Mars, died, and after a while there was a cataclysm on Earth, killing all of our knowledge, the asteroid! As a result, managed to survive not only the large groups of people scattered across the planet, which eventually were able to breed. And here we have now reached technological advances help us study our planet as Mars.

  2. nasa should take this a bit further, they should develop these to be able to dig. deep. That could then be used for habitation, agric, store,

    Who knows with a little luck you may find huge caverns which could be dug to.

    All this can be done cheaply with no need to send humans.

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