Roosevelt Middle School Holds Annual Rocket Extravaganza

The Sixth Annual Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School’s Rocket Extravaganza Day was conducted this fall. The primary attraction was the launching of the model rockets built during the previous week by all sixth-graders. The launch site was set up so 14 rockets could be launched simultaneously. This was an impressive sight to behold! 

The budding scientists designed and built balsa wood Crew Exploration Vehicles, each carrying four paint ball “astronauts.” The rocket-powered CEVs were launched along a line running straight into a wall. Some paintball astronauts survived intact; others were a bit messy but very colorful! The day’s festivities included eight other activity stations, which were hosted by staff and students from the University of Northern Iowa, the University of Dubuque and local waste management. Nearly 100 parents, community members and media personnel attended and had a great time. For more great rocketry activities, check out the NES Lesson: Center of Mass and Center of Pressure: Engineering a Stable Rocket. 

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