NASA Now: Origins and Evolution of the Universe: Cosmic Dust

NASA Now logoThis episode of NASA Now highlights recently discovered wonders of the universe as well as common cosmic dust. Discover how these microscopic particles floating in space could hold the key to the origins of the universe. And learn about an activity that introduces all the known chemical elements.

This program is available on the Virtual Campus beginning Dec. 21, 2012.

NASA Now Preview

One thought on “NASA Now: Origins and Evolution of the Universe: Cosmic Dust”

  1. I enjoy all about universe. I am have always had a very deep interest in space when I only 7 year old and over all those beautiful Sky, and so I had been Affectionate astronomy. Now I am interesting about highlights recently discovered the early times (380,000 year.) after the BigBang and microscopic particles, cosmic dust and introduces all the known chemical elements in those early times origins of the universe in highlights recently discovered in simple form to population young. If it is possible, other structures from small quantum fluctuations imprinted during an epoch of inflationary expansion shortly after the Big Bang. Sincerely yours Friends of “NASA”. And staff: Antonio J (I am subscribed to Earth News for NASA.)

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