A Primer on Curiosity

NASA’s new Mars rover Curiosity is resting safely on the surface of Red Planet after a daredevil landing that had the nation holding its breath. Now, mission scientists are anxious to start moving. Curiosity is bristling with instruments custom-made to look for the chemical building blocks of life.

Credit: Science@NASA

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3 thoughts on “A Primer on Curiosity”

  1. Why do you repost nasa news items in this area? Posting other people’s news is a waste of time, unless you add some value to it, and you’re not.

  2. Hello everyone, I am excited and pleased that Curiosity in on the ground after making a spectacular and complex landing like it did.

    I do have a question about the software/firmware update that was just completed though that someone might be able to enlighten me on. I understand this procedure was required do to the limited amount of memory on-board. Would it not have been much safer to just include more memory on the rover then to undertake a potentially dangerous and risky operation like this?

    Any information about this would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Wallingford, CT..

  3. Why the chauvinistic arrogance of “only America”. Man did this for mankind. Cold war is over!

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