12 thoughts on “Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks on Dec. 13-14”

  1. In the Cont. USA, which direction should we be viewing to see these and will it change throughout the evening?

  2. They stream from a point in the sky within the boundaries of the constellation Gemini, but will be seen in all parts of the sky. Just look up! One to two hours after midnight should be the best viewing.

  3. esto es lo que encontre mas cercano a la fecha 12-12-12 en la pagina oficial de la nassa al menos, dejame que te veo otras noticias en los periodicos..

  4. I live in the bay area (California) and I am wondering if I can see them and where. Could you please answer these questions? Thank you.

  5. It is very cloudy in Scotland I won’t be able to see it šŸ™ only since last night did it start to get cloudy typical!

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