Fly Your Face in Space (EXPIRED)

Smiley face against star field backgroundNASA wants to launch a picture of you on the final space shuttle mission.

After registering at the Face in Space website, you’ll be able to upload an image that will be put on a disc and flown aboard the shuttle Atlantis. After launch, participants will be able to print a commemorative certificate signed by the mission commander. From the Face in Space website you can also check on the mission status, find NASA educational resources, and follow the crew on Twitter or Facebook.

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9 thoughts on “Fly Your Face in Space (EXPIRED)”

  1. Good day.
    I am from South Africa.
    I really hope you can help me.
    In 2011 I submitted 2 picture for the face in Space project from the above email address.
    With a PC breakdown I hve lost the confirmation code te receive the certificates.

    Is there any way you could assist me or direct me to someone who can.

    With warm South African Regards

    Arno Vogel

  2. Hello Arno. You can print the certificate by clicking on the the “Face in Space website” link in the article above.

  3. HELP PLEASE…. I put faces in space and I did not get the confirmation page to now get the certificates. Is there anyway for me to get the certificates using the persons name?

    Thank you,

  4. Kathy, you need the confirmation number in order to print the certificates. Go to the Face in Space website link in the post (above). All other questions about the Face in Space project should be directed to those responsible as listed at the website.

  5. I love the certificate and the idea that part of me went up. I was there at the launch and loved it.

    When I put our faces on the website there was a Shuttle with us peering out the window. I didn’t print that down – does it still exist somewhere on the website or can I do it again, it was sort of cool.

  6. trying to get certificate for face in space launched tues june 28th was told would be ready after july 21st. what can I do about getting the certificate please reply

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