NASA On Course to Launch Orion Flight Test

The first spacecraft NASA has designed to fly astronauts beyond Earth orbit since the Apollo era is well on its way to making a flight test next year. The mission is planned for launch in September 2014, and will see an Orion capsule orbit Earth without a crew and return through the atmosphere at speeds unseen since astronauts last returned from the moon in 1972.

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As Orion continues preparation to take astronauts further into space, take a look back at the recently ended shuttle program and have your students track the linear regression of a space shuttle launch. Check out the launch video of Shuttle mission STS-121 then have them create a scatter plot from real launch data. Linear Regression: Exploring Space Through Math—Space Shuttle Ascent is a NASA Explorer Schools featured lesson and is available in the NES Virtual Campus Lesson Library.

2 thoughts on “NASA On Course to Launch Orion Flight Test”

  1. I was watching NASA TV and they showed mission control.On the wall they have maps showing the flight path of the ISS. Why does the path show curves. Does the ISS turn ? Sorry if I should be posting somewhere else.

    1. The curved path of the ISS shown on the maps in mission control is a result plotting the position of the ISS, as it orbits Earth, onto a flat map.

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