Hurricane Ike

As you know, NASA Johnson Space Center took a direct hit by Hurricane Ike last Friday and Saturday. I would like to recognize NASA JSC Center Director Mike Coats and his team for coming together during this devastating time. He and others are keeping Headquarters well-informed of what’s going on real-time as well as letting the other Centers know what their needs are and will be as the realities of this situation become clearer.

NASA JSC is scheduled to resume operations on Monday, September 22, and the Mission Control Center is scheduled to resume normal operations today, Friday, 19 September. The Center is returning to normal so soon, partly because of extensive preparations by the workforce before Johnson closed as well as the diligent work of the hurricane rideout and recovery teams.  

Initial reports include downed trees, debris everywhere, building and water damage throughout the Center and Ellington Field. Below are several photos provided by the NASA JSC photographer.  

I would like to commend NASA Stennis Space Center in assisting NASA JSC. They have already provided much needed gasoline and will also be providing more gasoline, chainsaws, water, and manpower. I know it is all truly appreciated by those in Houston.  

There are several individuals still unaccounted for, so if you are a NASA JSC civil servant or contractor and have not checked in with your management, please do so. JSC has established a Recharge and Refresh Station at the Gilruth Center, providing relief for JSC Team members and their families who do not have power and/or potable water.

I urge all NASA employees to review the Emergency Operations Center Web page,, to stay informed about the recovery operations at NASA Johnson Space Center. 

JSC building damaged by Hurricane Ike JSC building damaged by Hurricane Ike
Damaged siding on JSC building after Hurricane Ike Tree damage at JSC from Hurricane Ike
Fallen tree at JSC from Hurricane Ike Flooding damage at JSC from Hurricane Ike
Downed sign at JSC from Hurricane Ike