The Most Photogenic Place on Earth

For twenty years, I have been looking at the photography of the Earth taken by astronauts in space. There are a few places where the astronauts seem to photograph the most. These places seem to catch the eye. They want to take pictures of them so they can remember and also share those views with those of us on Earth.  Those places are the Bahamas off the coast of Florida, the Himalayas of Nepal, north of India, the Canadian and U.S. Rockies, and the Peru and Chile coast in South America.


To me, the Bahamas are the most photogenic place on Earth, but you know what they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.  I find the Bahamas the most photogenic because my degrees are in oceanography and meteorology so I love the water and the hues of blues that make up the Bahamas.


Here are sample photos, taken by an astronaut, of each place.  What place do you think is the most photogenic?  If you were flying over it, which place would just have to snap a picture?  Why?


If you want to see more images of each place go to the “Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth”  ( and under the “Find Photos”, search using the clickable map.


ISS006-E-50972- Andros Island, Bahamas

ISS008-E-13321 – Lalung Pass, Mt. Choksiam, Himalaya Mountains.

ISS015-E-14086 – Kinta Lake in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada.


ISS016-E-35589 – The coast along the boarder between Peru and Chile, South America.