Snooping on the Neighbor

The moon is Earth’s nearest celestial neighbor. It’s the brightest object in the night sky and has profoundly influenced the course of human civilization. For early humans, the moon provided lighting for hunting and defined when crops should be planted and harvested. Markings of lunar phases appear in cave paintings in France and defined the arrangement of Stonehenge.

A few facts about our neighbor:

  • At the moon’s closest distance, it would take 135 days to drive there in a car going 70 mph.
  • The moon has almost the same surface areas as the continent of Africa.
  • Our moon is inching away from Earth at a rate of 1.5 inches per year. (Was it something we said?)
  • The lunar maria or “seas” were formed by ancient lunar volcanic activity.
  • Because there’s no air on the moon, sound can’t travel above the surface — so if a tree fell on the moon, it wouldn’t make a peep. How the tree got there would be another story…

7 thoughts on “Snooping on the Neighbor”

  1. I want to think of how a tree could possibly get to the moon, but I can’t think of a funny answer.

  2. Nice post. @KaiYves, maybe the tree would get there on a rocket — you know, rocket-tree. I crack me up…

  3. There have been many rumors that there was an “Apollo 18” mission that went wrong on the moon I know if it did happen (which I don’t belive happend) you will not be able to release that info but is it true?

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  6. If we believe there are lava tubes on the moon, does this mean there is a high chance of finding diamonds on the moon. This would give a good reason for financial backing for a serious base on the moon.

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