Slow-Moving Meteor Paints the Night Skies

Early on the morning of Jan. 3, 2012, a beautiful meteor was seen traveling across the skies over Huntsville, Ala. Moving slowly at “only” 18.9 km/s — or 42,000 mph — the meteor was recorded at approximately 10:34:16 UTC in an allsky camera at the Marshall Space Flight Center. It started 88.5 km/55 miles up and was last detected at 79.8 km/50 miles up. The meteor had a mass of 22 grams and was about an inch in diameter — fairly big for a meteor — and its orbit went out to the asteroid belt.

The view below shows the meteor’s path captured by an allsky color camera, also located at the Marshall Center.

Image credits: NASA/MSFC/Meteoroid Environments Office/Bill Cooke and Danielle Moser

4 thoughts on “Slow-Moving Meteor Paints the Night Skies”

  1. Is there any correlation with this sighting and the ARISSat-1 satellite which was probaly burning up at the same time?

    Steve – Amateur Radio Callsign G0TDJ

  2. No – this was definitely a natural object in an orbit about the sun, not a reentering satellite. No correlation, just coincidence.

  3. 3/2/12 re.falling meteor the exact same thing was seen at approx.9.40 pm/uk time. This falling meteor was seen all over England and Scotland some say it was moveing in different directions including my daughter and I ie shot upwards.then turned and came across the sky in opp direction disapearing into night sky it appeared again moving more slowly, it looked very strange seemed as it was flying almost.

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