NASA Experts Discuss Russia Meteor in Media Teleconference Today

NASA experts will hold a teleconference for news media at 4 p.m. EST today to discuss a meteor that streaked through the skies over Russia’s Urals region this morning.

Scientists have determined the Russia meteor is not related to asteroid 2012 DA14 that will pass safely pass Earth today at a distance of more than 17,000 miles. Early assessments of the Russia meteor indicate it was about one-third the size of 2012 DA14 and traveling in a different direction.

Panelists for the teleconference are:

— Bill Cooke, lead for the Meteoroid Environments Office at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.
— Paul Chodas, research scientist in the Near Earth Object Program Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

The teleconference will be carried live online at:

For detailed information concerning the Earth flyby of 2012 DA14, visit:

4 thoughts on “NASA Experts Discuss Russia Meteor in Media Teleconference Today”

  1. Am a bit worried as your saying that the 2012 da14 wont hit earth but how can you be sure because you didnt see the 1 comeing to hit russia

  2. But if the meteorite that fell in Russia orbited around 2012 DA14 as a satellite, the trajectory is reversed with respect to the asteroid. This explains the relatively low rate of entry into the atmosphere.

  3. Sirs,

    The key must be to determine, if it was a stone or an ice. If it was ice, it may well be comparable with 2012 DA14 by size, if the calculation of the force of explosion was correct.

    Also, until absolutely certain the two of the objects can not be considered unrelated. Or it has to be recognased the higher probability of larger asteroids approaching Earth.

    Wish you best in your research.



  4. I waited for this teleconference, and now it’s 7 minutes after as I understand it. But no teleconference, just a text message that no events are planed.

    I know it’s Sunday and all, but please at least update you schedule correctly if you cancel such events. A lot of interested people might waste their time otherwise, and so don’t care about your next announcements.

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