Bright Meteor over New Mexico

Just so you know – there was a very bright event over Southwest on Saturday, October 19 at 8:16 PM local time.

The fireball was picked up New Mexico State University meteor camera. It looks to be a grazing fireball.

“ We are uncertain of the origin of the fireball at this time. However, this one was very bright!” said Bill Cooke, lead of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office located at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL.


5 thoughts on “Bright Meteor over New Mexico”

  1. WOW…I was looking for this video on YouTube and finally found it here. This Meteor is really bright than I was thinking. thanks again for the video!

  2. I am a Meteor fan and try to collect all the pictures and videos .. This Meteor that was seen in New Mexico , was a only a rumor to me until I accidentally found it in this blog. Thanks for this , I added to my collection!

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