Daylight Fireball on Monday, Nov. 3

There was a daylight fireball seen from Arkansas to Alabama this morning at about 9:38 CST. If you saw the meteor and have information on its directionality, where you saw it from, etc., please comment below. Also, it would be helpful if you filled out an eyewitness report on

4 thoughts on “Daylight Fireball on Monday, Nov. 3”

  1. Hmmm Geeeee, Maybe someday us “amateur Astros” just maybe we can have a real conversation about ahh how does it feel to left out of the loop, lied to, and sometimes just down right made light of some serious events. I could make list a mile long about the last 8 years. And there seems to be a quickening of events happening. And we are just as excited and curious just as you are. But….it seems the “PROFESSIONAL SCIENCE!” does not want to share information or they think we are to stupid to handle the truth or both. And you seem to have an answer for everything. I think we could handle the answer “I just don’t know” than to be lied to a lot of the time. Im not mad at you just wish things could be different.

  2. After seeing a Facebook post of the 11-3-2014 event I looked out my windows at the night sky. The sky was clear with visible stars. Looking Northeast I saw a short fireball lasting approximately 2 seconds. It was bright white with a small trail. This was at approximately 2:15 am on November 4th, 2014.

  3. Saw the fireball on 03/11/2014 at 7:30 PM going over Africa. I Live in Namibia in the town Windhoek.
    Watched it for about 5 to 7 Minutes. Direction West to East.

  4. 11/4/2014 – at approximately 4:34 am observed what appeared to be an illuminated object moving from the North East to the South West above Southeastern Massachusetts.

    Observed thru a skylight and it moved across the field of view at an extremely fast rate. (my estimate was a fraction of a second).

    ISS viewed thru the same skylight takes 2-3 seconds to typically move across same field of view. Object was extremely bright and no audible sonic activity after it passed.

    Seemed to be going too fast to be in orbit – any ideas???

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