Bright Fireball Seen Over New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio

A very bright fireball seen over New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania at 4:45:17 EST this morning, February 17th. It was captured by three NASA cameras. The video came from a NASA camera located at Allegheny Observatory near Pittsburgh, PA. The other two cameras are located at Hiram College and Oberlin College, both in northern Ohio.


7 thoughts on “Bright Fireball Seen Over New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio”

  1. Cool site you have!
    I also witnessed this fireball this morning in Pittsburgh.
    The Allegheny Observatory is located in Riverview Park on the Northside neighborhood of the city of Pittsburgh.

  2. This what I heard in the Freeport area. I was awakened at 4:52 am on Tuesday morning by a very large explosion. It sounded very distant. I had no idea that it was the result of a air burst from a meteor……

  3. I am pretty sure this what I saw Tuesday morning February 17,2015 t at 4:45 a.m while going to work in Gahanna, Ohio.. I wasn’t sure what it was so I posted the question on Facebook if anyone else saw it and I was given this website.

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