3 thoughts on “September 27th Lunar Eclispe”

  1. when was the eclipse detected i wonder because without any special tools i figures that an eclipse would take place a few weeks ago. by the way i am 11 years old
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  2. A very bright pinkish orange object passed over central Long Island, ny at 1120 Sept 27. It was traveling SE to NW. I followed the object with 10×50 Minolta binoculars until it seemed to fade well off to the NW. It was 1/20 the size of the full moon and there was no visible structure or airframe, only a pinkish orange flame like light that was constant and left no trail and made no sound. When first seen it was at 4 o’clock to the eclipsed moon at about ten lunar diameters separation. In brightness it was well beyond Venusian brightness.

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