Dragon Arrives

So I have been on the ISS now for almost 2 weeks. While the time has flown by, it also feels like our launch was so long ago. I think we have all experienced these types of time warps. It has been everything I expected and more. It is funny that we train for over 2 years for a flight and I feel very comfortable with any technical tasks that I may have to do and it was the daily routine/personal items that has been the most overwhelming. It was the simple things: where do I find clothes, what is the best technique for using the bathroom, how do I set up my personal sleep station, etc that really worked my brain. The only way to learn all of that is by being here and relying on the patience and experience of the your fellow crew mates. Don and Andre have been great. I will always be grateful for their assistance. Now that I am settled in and comfortable, I can now focus on the science and maintenance that we do during our work days.

Of course the big story so far of my short time period onboard, has been the arrival of Dragon. I congratulate the SpaceX team for their monumental accomplishment. Since my original launch date was delayed by 6 weeks and Dragon was scheduled to arrive before me, Don and Andre had trained onboard as a 2 person team. They had a great game plan. With very consistent training in Houston, I was able to assist and fill holes as needed. It was too cool the first time we caught sight of Dragon. As it got closer and closer, it just became more and more amazing. The grapple and berthing went without a hitch. Even though we are very well trained, there was quite a bit of relief onboard after our tasks were complete. We gathered as a crew that night for a group dinner to celebrate.

Things that are memorable up here: floating (you never get tired of that, it is like a dream), group dinners and stories around the table, working on science experiments that can only be done in a micro-gravity environment, reading a book while positioned in the Cupola with the Earth as a backdrop, working out and while doing bench press staring at Earth (I think if more people had that view while working out, we would make it a higher priority), sleeping in the vertical….. The list will grow with every passing day. I am grateful every day for this opportunity.

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  1. Congratulations, Joe, I am a Mexican engineer and I can imagine your beautiful experience up there. I appreciate your wise comment: “I think if more people had that view while working out, we would make it a higher priority”. Very nice. Thanks for the article.

  2. Thanks Joe! Did you enter the Dragon? What are your impressions? Why people in the pictures were using respirators inside the capsule?

  3. Believe or not but it’s one of the best space posts I’ve ever read. Like a good science fiction story…

  4. I wanted to send Joseph some pasteles and cuchifritos. But I did not make it. Late for the launch. Anyway, be my guest when you get home. Very ´proud of you in your little island with the greatest heart, Puerto Rico.

  5. That sounds like an amazing experience Joe!!! Earth must be an incredible view that you just don’t get used to! What microgravity experiments are you doing? How’s the food? Do you feel time passes slower up there?

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  7. I am really impressed by reading this article. Interesting post and I really like your take on the issue. I now have a clear idea on what this matter is all about.

  8. Could you please comment on the science experiments that are running currently. Are the Zucchini still thriving? Hope you are settled in your sleep station. I volunteer at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Denver. We have a Martin space module that visitors love to explore. Of course the bathroom and sleep areas always get close attention.My prayers and enthusiasm are with you. You are living my dream, enjoy it!

  9. The splash down for Dragon was fantastic. Y’all gave it a great send off. I’ll be watching for their next launch.
    At Wings Museum we’re trying to work on our proposal for a contact link with ISS. That will probably be in ’13 but well worth the wait.
    Suni Williams will be coming to Station soon. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet her. She visited the school from which I am recently retired. One of her relatives is a student, so we were included as “family”. In early May the school also had a conference link with Suni and three other lucky schools. She’s so enthusiastic!
    Continue to do a wonderful job. Enjoy it all.

  10. Nature is the most amazing thing; I really envy you guys for being able to expeience an unique environment, meanwhile contributing for science. Our dreams alone may come close to what you feel and see.

    I’d like you to know that I (and I believe that a great part of humanity) really wish all the success and that we spice our dreams with the feelings you describe.

    Cheers from Brazil!

  11. I am excited about the prospect of private industry stepping in. We’re getting so much closer to making civilian spaceflight a true reality 🙂

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