NEEMO 14 Mission Days 6 and 7

by Heather Paul and Amanda Knight
Analog Lead Technical Liaison
for Education and Public Outreach
Topside in Key Largo, Florida!

On Saturday, mission day 6 (MD6), the NEEMO 14 crew completed another day of extravehicular activities (EVAs) and mission activities. Once again we experienced rough sea conditions that affected the visibility underwater, which was limited to approximately 15 feet. The strong currents definitely impose a greater fatigue on the crewmembers as they perform their underwater tasks. In addition, the aquanauts are loaded with different weight configurations, some of which make tasks easier to perform, and others, more difficult.

Aquanauts team on the lander

Aquanauts team together on the lander surface while preparing for CG rig evaluations.

The mission activities improve with each mission day as the crew and mission support teams learn how to work together as a team… communication is good, and the EVAs are moving effectively, safely and on schedule.

Aquanaut and flag

Despite rough sea conditions, complete isolation from the surface and close quarters, the aquanauts are still excited to be participating in the next generation of technology development.

As the official part of mission day 6 came to a close, the aquanauts set out on their own underwater adventure… a night dive!

Night dive

During mission day 6, the aquanauts were able to suit up with lights added onto their helmets and perform a night EVA.

Chris and Andrew

Chris and Andrew are hanging out in the Aquarius galley as Tom and Steve perform their Saturday evening EVA.

Mission day 7 was a rest day for the aquanauts and topside teams. Rest was much needed as mission week 1 came to a close and we prepped for mission week 2: destination Mars!!! As of mission day 8, the NEEMO 14 team will begin working the mission with delayed communications to simulate the communications delays we would experience if the crew was on Mars. The objective of this activity is to simulate how to run a mission when the crew is on a surface so far away, that they cannot speak to the mission control personnel in real time. Stay tuned for more details and keep checking our Flickr and Facebook pages for more NEEMO 14 pictures and information!