NEEMO 14 Crew Journal: Mission Day 8

Mission day 8 draws to a close and it is clear to see that we still have some of the coolest jobs on and off the planet. The best thing about being down here with so many different personalities is getting to know them. One of my favorite things to do in life is to laugh, and with this bunch of guys, that’s an easy thing to do.

I’m going to fill you in on what I have observed – only my opinion, not Aquarius’s and most definitely not NASA’s. First we have two PhD’s, one MD, one Colonel, and two habitat technicians. The only thing more intimidating is having a planetary geologist working beside you.

These are easy going, humble guys with great stories to tell. And it’s been great hearing the background stories on these fine gentlemen, where they’ve been, what they have seen, how many times their guitar has been around the world, how many hits they have on Google, or how many crewmember mockups they’ve hauled up a rope.

These guys are truly amazing. Their lives are rich, interesting, and would make many green with envy. Gentlemen, somewhere out there is a child calling you hero, and changing their dreams to follow in your footsteps… my hat is off to you; and James.

– Nate Bender, Habitat Technician, UNCW

CG rig

Center of Gravity (CG) config 4, weight Delta

Andrew and Nate

A real pic to submit of Andrew and myself