NEEMO 14 Crew Journal: Mission Day 9

What a great day down here in Aquarius. It was a typical NEEMO day. Lots of good data collected during the extravehicular actvities (EVAs) and some very cool education outreach events. The commander pulled out his collapsible guitar which was last played on the Mir Space Station, very cool!

During one of the outreach events he demonstrated what happens to a can of Pringles when they aren’t properly vented before being sent down to Aquarius. Although they started out as potato chips, they ended up as potato bits. The increased pressure inside Aquarius crushed the can since it was a sealed container. It served as a great learning tool for the school children that were taking apart in the event.

The EVAs were very productive. Andrew and Steve opted to extend their dives by one hour to achieve the mission objectives. Although I have not been able to join them on the EVAs, I constantly monitor their audio, dive helmet cameras and other situational cameras. The work the team is doing is great to watch and I feel a great sense of pride of being a part of the NEEMO 14 team.

My favorite part of day 9 though was the fact that we aren’t in decompression. The majority of Aquarius missions are ten days long, so decompression normally starts on “day 9”. Since this is a 14 day mission we won’t start decompression until day 13. So that means I still have 4 more days before my “living the dream” experience starts to come to an end.

Good night from Conch Reef.

– James Talacek

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  1. ok.

    You Aquarius Neemo

    the sea?

    the space?

    Guitar, very cool, music!

    Music you hear better inside the water… It’s marvellous!

    I remember …

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