NEEMO 14 Crew Journal: Mission Day 10

I’m the Commander of this underwater team. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about:

Keep Your People Safe – learn the risks, understand the goals, and then be relentless in making things as safe as possible, never being afraid of improvement. Where’s a better place for that? What will we do when that thing breaks?

Enjoy Yourselves – if people believe in what they are doing and in each other’s company, they will stay healthy and happy longer. Find common things for the team to believe in that are greater then themselves, and give them time to have fun with ideas.

Get the Job Done – know what you want. Keep the schedule out in front, constantly re-evaluate priorities vs time, be unafraid to stop when done, but push it when needed. Contentment in shared accomplishment is a wonderful drug.

Is the Building on Fire? – let things develop, and delay negative reactions. If someone is going plus or minus 90 degrees of you, you’re headed the same direction.

Stay in Touch – none of us are in this life alone. Listen to each other, say what you are doing and feeling, and don’t hoard amazing experiences.

– Chris Hadfield




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One thought on “NEEMO 14 Crew Journal: Mission Day 10”

  1. It’s true what you say in general.

    Routine is ok, but the most fascinating thing for is that something new happens each day.

    I don’t know, why.

    I presume of being independent, because I can’t stand dependency.

    But my impression is that I like a lot to contact (blogs) in Nasa, and to put words inside.

    For me it’s like I stay there.

    Imagination sometimes is stronger than reality.

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