Haughton Mars Project Sea-Ice Traverse Mission Update

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16 May 2010: Day 12 Status Update — Late Night

The 2010 Northwest Passage Drive Expedition is pleased to announce the Moon-1 Humvee Rover’s arrival on the solid land of Devon Island. The crew will be settling down for the night soon, and everyone is happy to be on Devon Island.

16 May 2010: Day 12 Status Update – Evening

The 2010 Northwest Passage Drive expedition Moon-1 Humvee Rover is now fixed up and the crew members are on their way, finding the best route to the solid land of Devon Island. They aim to reach the coast tonight, where they will feel more secure resting overnight on solid ground.

16 May 2010: Day 12 Status Update — Morning

The Northwest passage Drive Expedition is currently working on the Moon-1 Humvee Rover, with parts brought back from HMPRS by John Schutt and Jesse Weaver. Visibility is still poor but the crew hopes to get to the coast of Devon Island later this evening.

Last night at 2220 CDT Mark Carroll was the first to spot a polar bear that was watching the Humvee Rover. The crew at the Moon-1 Humvee rover watched the polar bear for a couple hours until it went far away from the vehicle. The crew was never in any immediate danger but are happy to now have the parts necessary to fix the Moon-1 and continue on their way.

15 May 2010: Day 11 Status Update

The Northwest Passage Drive Expedition 2010 continues to pause on sea ice while poor visibility prevents the return of John Schutt and Jesse Weaver to the Moon-1 Humvee. Weather forecast remains poor for the next couple days but the crew is hoping for the best so the expedition can continue.