HMP Checking In: Sea-Ice Traverse Mission Update

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6 May 2010: Day 2 Status Update

Day 2- Northwest Passage Drive Expedition-2010 continued on the expedition on Cornwallis Island early this morning, driving a short distance before stopping due to poor viability. The team is looking forward to improved visibility conditions and is hoping to reach the east coast of Cornwallis Island tomorrow when conditions improve. Everyone is safe, happy and being patient waiting out the white out conditions.

7 May 2010: Day 3 Status Update

The team managed to continue driving on the expedition late last night when the conditions improved for a bit. They ended up stopping when the visibility became poor, with near white-out conditions. Everyone is doing good; Spirits are high and everyone is enjoying the quiet and beauty of the Arctic while waiting for conditions to improve.

8 May 2010: Day 4 Status Update

The 2010 Northwest Passage Drive expedition team is holding at their present location. All crew members are in good spirits, and are performing maintenance on the vehicle. The expedition is expected to depart again when conditions are stable.

9 May 2010: Day 5 Status Update

The 2010 Northwest Passage Drive Expedition is still on standby, currently in white-out conditions. The weather has not been stable enough for the expedition to cross over the sea ice. In the meantime, the crew is waiting patiently. The crew members are also continuing to perform maintenance on the vehicle.