Haughton Mars Project Sea-Ice Traverse Mission Update

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13 May 2010: Day 9 Status Update – Evening

Northwest Passage 2010 Drive Expedition has stopped for the night. The expedition is pausing six miles short of the Devon Island coast. While pausing, the crew will work on the Moon-1 Humvee and also get some rest. The heavy snowfall has been hard on the vehicle and also tiring for the crew members. The crew is well and looking forward to continuing the expedition tomorrow.

13 May 2010: Day 9 Status Update—Morning

Northwest Passage Drive Expedition 2010: The expedition is currently driving over the sea-ice of Wellington Channel. The recent heavy snowfalls are a cause of concern for the expedition, causing the expedition to drive slowly and also making it difficult to find the best path to take. The crew is in good spirits and enjoying the sea-ice traverse before they get back on solid land.

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