Haughton Mars Project Sea-Ice Traverse Mission Update

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14 May 2010: Day 10 Status Update

The Northwest Passage Drive Expedition is currently a few miles away from the coast of Devon Island. They are resting on solid sea ice with the Moon-1 Humvee. The crew has been performing maintenance on the vehicle which is required due to yesterday’s crossing of the rough sea ice and heavy snowfalls which was hard on the vehicle. Dr. Pascal Lee has sent John Schutt and Jesse Weaver on two snowmobiles to the HMP Research Station (HMPRS) in order to get spare parts for the Mars-1 Humvee. Jesse and John will be staying overnight at HMPRS and will be driving back on their snowmobiles to the Moon-1 Humvee tomorrow, May 15th. The plan is to fix the Moon-1 Humvee and continue on their way.

The crew is doing well and busying themselves with route planning for the next day and opportunistic science.

2 thoughts on “Haughton Mars Project Sea-Ice Traverse Mission Update”

  1. I expect one day NASA will have to build several indoor stadiums in which to mimic atmospheric and ground conditions on other worlds for robust equipment testing with humans.

  2. its realy makes human hope in another planet.we pray u all. even we stay in 18th century back ward some where village of nepal.but you guy doing bravo best of luck…
    jesus love u all. amen.

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