Less than one week. “What am I forgetting?”

by Donnie Reid


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We are down to the final week of preparations before deployment; all those last minute details that need to be finalized or purchased or re-organized. And there is the constant question “is there anything that I have forgotten.” By the end of the week it just won’t matter anymore, we are heading up to the Lake.

Donnie Reid, PLRP Logistics and Operations Manager

Then I get to the stage where I just want to get into the field. The “what-if” scenarios start to play through my head. I know that all those imagined issues and problems be handled seamless once we are at Pavilion Lake and operations are underway.

But mostly I am looking forward to working with amazing group of people. We have a collection of scientists, communication specialists, divers, cooks, field assistants, sub technicians, boat operators and support staff (many of these people taking holidays to work with us at Pavilion Lake) that will all pull together to create The Pavilion Lake Research Project. And in three weeks, when the field season is over, I will look back and be in total awe of what all these people have accomplished.


One thought on “Less than one week. “What am I forgetting?””

  1. In Canada there are a lot of great scientists, and China has a very important network in the facilities of skills to cope with the collection of information.

    The lake seems a river not, a sea or a ozean.

    It’s the sensations of being regarding “Río de la Plata” in Argentine.

    Rivers and lakes are not the same, but the water is not salad.

    Density, the superficial, the organism and bacteries, the plurality of a biology inside the sphere.

    But the world is different not only for the ozeans or seas but also for the rumours of lakes like that and the magics that implies the so personality. The color of the water is soft, like harmony!

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