Live from Pavilion Lake… It’s Saturday Night!

by Ben Cowie


This blog is coutesy of Pavilion Lake Research Project (PLRP) and was originally posted June 26th

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Welcome back to Pavilion Lake! It’s been a year since we last explored, and I’m excited to be at the lake with old friends, and new friends alike. This field season will be full of great discoveries, and will highlight some of the best space science and exploration activities that happen on Earth!

Chris Hadfield and Stan Love at DeepWorker training.

We welcome two new DeepWorker scientist-pilots this year: CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield, and NASA Astronaut Stanley Love. They completed their training in April, and are excited to be part of the PLRP science team this year – you will hear more from Chris and Stan next week!

This year my partner in crime, Heather Paul, and I will be working harder than ever to keep you updated from the field – with blogs like this one, 140 character tweets,  facebook posts, photos and videos from the team’s daily science and exploration activities. We welcome questions about our research through any of these channels, and will endeavour to answer questions from you as soon as we can!  Stay tuned for the return of the live webcams on the barge where you can watch the DeepWorker activity at the lake in real time, and a new interactive mapping feature that will tell the day’s exploration story in a Google Earth map!

Thanks for your interest in our project, and welcome back to Pavilion Lake.