STEPping our way to flight day 1!

by Heather Paul


This blog is courtesy of Pavilion Lake Research Project (PLRP) and was originally posted June 27th

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Hi everyone! I’m Heather Paul, a mechanical engineer from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. I’m very excited to join the Pavilion Lake Research team this year! I’ve been working on the education and public outreach aspects of the analog missions (just got home from NEEMO 14 a few weeks ago!), so I’m here to make sure that the world gets to learn about the fantastic science and exploration activities happening here at Pavilion Lake.

Most of the team arrived yesterday (including me), and we’re already off to a great start…Today we connected with students participating in the NASA Science, Technology, and Exploration Program (STEP). Several scientists from the PLRP team talked about the field activities, mission goals, and why microbialites are just so cool, all live from the lake!

I watched from the roadside as the team prepped the barge that will transport the submersibles to the various science points along the lake. It was amazing to watch as piece by piece the barge was put together, and then finally the two Deepworkers were carefully lowered to the platform.

We are all set for our first round of flights tomorrow! Stay tuned, exciting science adventures are just around the corner and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Introducing: Heather Paul! Newest member of the PLRP EPO team!

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