Chronicles from Concordia with Beth Healey – Part 2: The Arrival

Epica-Core-LargeFollow Beth Healey, a 28-year-old medical doctor from London, through her 14-months at the Concordia Station ending in January 2016 as a European Space Station researcher. Here is an excerpt from her blog and a link to Part 2: Chronicles from Concordia.

One of the most hostile environments for an analog is Concordia located more than 600 miles from the coastal stations of Antarctica. Many researchers use this facility to study psychology, physiology, and medicine. Some mission crewmembers perform a winter-over where they are part of research lasting the entire winter, which in Antarctica is nine months.

Part 2: The Arrival:

I was lucky enough to be allowed to stay in the cockpit for the landing at the coastal station and watched in awe as we touched down smoothly onto the ice runway. We had arrived at the entrance to this frigid world… As we flew in over the mainland, the full magnificence of the place became obvious. As Scott, the polar explorer long before me, had put it in his journals, Antarctica “satisfies every claim of scenic magnificence.” He was right.

Author: Monica Edwards

Monica Edwards is a communications strategist for the Human Research Engagement and Communications Program at Johnson Space Center in Houston. Formerly a high school journalism and communications teacher, she is a Texas-native and lifelong NASA enthusiast specializing in web feature stories and graphic designing.

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