HERA XV underway: The second of four 45-day missions ends on Dec. 11.


HERA XIV ended early due to Hurricane Harvey. Undaunted, the flight analogs team pushed forward with HERA XV, the third 45-day Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) mission. It began on Saturday, October 28 in Building 220, with an ingress the evening before.

This mission will focus on the effects of sleep deprivation and ways to mitigate these effects, along with several other mission objectives. For details please visit the research tile of the HERA website. Check back to this site for crew photos and to follow the mission clock.

HERA XV will end on Dec. 11 and will be followed by two more missions for this campaign. This is one more mission than was planned for HERA’s Campaign 4.

Author: Monica Edwards

Monica Edwards is a communications strategist for the Human Research Engagement and Communications Program at Johnson Space Center in Houston. Formerly a high school journalism and communications teacher, she is a Texas-native and lifelong NASA enthusiast specializing in web feature stories and graphic designing.

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