Artemis I Liftoff

NASA’s Space Launch System rocket, carrying the uncrewed Orion spacecraft lifted off from Launch Complex 39B in Florida at 1:47 a.m. EST.

The primary goal of Artemis I is to thoroughly test the integrated systems before crewed missions by operating the spacecraft in a deep space environment, testing Orion’s heat shield, and recovering the crew module after reentry, descent, and splashdown.

 Below are the ascent milestones that will occur over the next two hours. Times may vary by several seconds.

  • Solid rocket booster separation (Mission Elapsed Time 00:02:12)
  • Service module fairing jettison (MET 00:03:11)
  • Launch abort system jettison (MET 00:03:16)
  • Core stage main engine cutoff commanded (MET 00:08:03)
  • Core stage/ICPS separation (MET 00:08:15)
  • Orion solar array wing deploy begins (MET 00:18:09) – approx. 12 min duration
  • Perigee raise maneuver (MET 00:52:56)
  • Trans-lunar injection (MET 01:29:27)
  • Orion/ICPS separation (MET 01:57:36)