Welcome to NASA’s Commercial Crew Program Blog!


We are unveiling a new blog today to keep everyone up-to-date on the progress of development of America’s next generation of spacecraft capable of carrying astronauts into low-Earth orbit! You can come to this site for the latest videos, updates and photos from NASA and our industry partners who are working together in a new way to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation into space. 2014 is big year for this effort and we plan to bring you all the excitement of flight and launch abort system tests while still providing the important details along the way. We’ll also share the stories of some of the people involved in this unique effort. So subscribe to our blog or check back often to see how CCP is progressing.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to NASA’s Commercial Crew Program Blog!”

  1. As I hope the expectations on this project was materialize! In a few years we have made ​​great progress in this area, recognize that it is also very hard to have what it takes in these seasons, but we have a group of people at NASA that is worth supporting. I follow them since childhood and always manage to move me with their accomplishments. Thank you very much for giving us this space to express it! Luck!

  2. I follow the CCP program, by design, I like the shuttle Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser, and I hope will be the one. It cuts us that Congress funds each year and is a shame not to use all the potential in the various projects, this is an excellent opportunity to show as much as we do! Forward and all faith in you!

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