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Swanson-issselfieYesterday, Steve Swanson shared his view of Earth from outside the International Space Station. See if you can view the station from where you are by visiting Viewing opportunities today include 9:30 p.m. EDT over Orlando, Fla., 8:27 p.m. CDT over Houston and 7:59 p.m. PDT over San Diego, Calif.

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  1. Loved seeing the ISS fly over tonight in Atlanta, GA.
    We’re curious as we watched the ISS fly over, we saw one satellite “crossover” in front of it and as we continued to watch another satellite/craft was synchronized flying right in front of it.

    Was this the Russian freighter which will dock – Noted in today’s archive: “The crew members are also preparing to welcome back a Russian resupply freighter that undocked a couple of days ago.”

    It was a very cool sight to see not only the ISS but the “synchronized” satellite/craft in front of it!
    Any insight would be great!

    1. Around 9:03 pm last night (Aug.24) my friend and I sat in the hot tub looking at the stars. We were also anticipating the space station fly-by. Right on cut – we saw the International Space Station. It was a wonderful sight to see in New Mexico. There was an added delight when we saw what looked like a satellite or white speeding light in front of the station – like it was leading in front. Quite curious – was it a satellite or a leading space craft? Awesome sight!

  2. While viewing the space station flyover Arizona this evening (April 24 @ 8:01pm), I noticed it was trailing a smaller object traveling on the same trajectory and speed. I’m curious, was this a pending rendezvous I witnessed?

  3. Just saw the ISS overhead from Phoenix, Az. April 24 8:03pm local time.

    There was “something” leading ahead of it a few miles.
    What was that? Satallite?


    1. We say the ISS over Dubai at 1923 local time (1523 GMT) on 270414 and noticed the ISS being traced by another spacecraft ( satellite ? ) throughout its 6 minute flyby….yes what was that ?

  4. Greetings from near Bisbee, Arizona, 90 miles southeast of Tucson. Excellent visibility for the ISS fly-by tonight (20:02MST), and the ISS did not disappoint me. Bonus sighting: when the ISS reached maximum elevation, the Progress 53 freighter became visible to the naked eye – which I neither knew about or expected even if I had known.

    Thank you, NASA, and thank you ISS crew! I’ve been following space flight since the Gemini days of my far off youth, so you have my heartfelt thanks for a lifetime of memories, and an even bigger thank you for the science you and your partners have done over the decades.

  5. Last night while watching the Space Station I noticed a small object directly in front of it traveling at the same speed. What was it?

  6. Last night while looking at the stars (9:03pm New Mexico) we saw the ISS station. It was an awesome sight. We were also surprised to see what looked like a satellite or a leading white light moving in front of the ISS. Was it a satellite or another space craft? What a treat!

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