The Boarding Process for Resilience is Underway

Crew-1 ingress
NASA astronauts Shannon Walker, left, and Mike Hopkins make their wa;y through the crew access arm in preparation for boarding their spacecraft.

Crew-1 astronauts are now boarding the Crew Dragon spacecraft, Resilience. As the astronauts board, their seats are configured in the upright position; later, prior to closure of the spacecraft’s side hatch, the seats will be rotated into a reclined position for flight.

All astronauts signed the inside of the White Room, an area at the end of the crew access arm that provides access to the spacecraft. The term “White Room” dates back to the Gemini program. To honor tradition, the room is still painted white today.

Here are the seating positions: Commander Mike Hopkins, seat 2; Pilot Victor Glover, seat 3; Mission Specialist Shannon Walker, seat 4; and Mission Specialist Soichi Noguchi, seat 1.

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