Resources to Put Newton's Laws in Motion

Creating a podcast about Newton’s Laws of Motion gives students an opportunity to show off their understanding of the subject. Students can demonstrate their knowledge while having fun. It’s a good opportunity for them to dust off their old toys and discover how Newton’s laws apply to them. NASA’s Toys in Space educator guides contain activities that will ignite students’ imaginations.

•    International Toys in Space Video Resource Guide

•    Toys in Space II Video Resource Guide

Students can even see how toys operate in microgravity by watching the Toys in Space videos on the Buzz Lightyear Mission Game 5.

•    Buzz Lightyear Toys in Space Activity

Newton’s laws apply to many of the experiments and missions that NASA conducts, like sending rockets into space. Students can use rocket science to demonstrate Newton’s laws. Launching rockets is a great way for participants to demonstrate that they truly understand them.

NASA has plenty of resources to assist you with teaching Newton’s laws:

•    Fundamental Aeronautics Program — Newton’s Laws for Students

•    Dynamic Design: Launch and Propulsion Science Module

•    Beginner’s Guide to Rockets: Newton’s Laws of Motion

•    Sounding Rockets Program: Newton’s Laws of Motion

•    Beginner’s Guide to Aeronautics: Newton’s Laws of Motion

•    Rockets Educator Guide

•    Lunar Nautics: Designing a Mission to Live and Work on the Moon Educator Guide

•    Adventures in Rocket Science Educator Guide

•    Using Math and Science to Plan for the Next Generation of Spacecraft video

•    How do shuttles blast off? (Fun example of a demonstration that students can videotape)

•    Why can’t an airplane just fly into space? Why do we need rockets? 

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  1. I showed this for the class today during a TAKS workshop, it kept the student’s attention, not always easy for a video. It very CLEARLY shows students what the laws mean.

  2. Thank You for the outstanding well produced material Mr. Tani!! I am in the midst of going through the tech e PDN course and appreciate your contribution. We have secure a time and place here in El Paso, Texas for 120 minutes on Saturdays. Your downloaded pod and vodcasts will be presented to the students at our informal STEM mastery setting. Again thank you for your efforts!!!

    Jeri Hallberg Harmon, M. Ed
    STEM facilitator/ NES von Schiller Home School : )

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