New DIY Podcast Topic Module: Fitness

Astronaut Sunita Williams actually ran the Boston Marathon in space. And in our latest DIY Podcast topic module, she and astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria demonstrate and explain how astronauts exercise in space and why it’s so important. We posted the new Fitness module this week to give you easy access to downloadable NASA audio, video and images that students can use to build their own podcasts about fitness and exercise. The Fitness module includes 13 video clips and 12 audio clips that students can mix with original content as they examine fitness in space and on Earth. You’ll find helpful information about fitness along with links to additional resources for students who want to research the topic before writing their script.

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DIY Podcast: Fitness

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3 thoughts on “New DIY Podcast Topic Module: Fitness”

  1. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so fitness, bone and muscle mass is important to me. I am just wondering IF NASA could team up with any Arthritis National Organisation and really push the facts on this health condition, rather than allow the many rumours on Arthritis to circulate. An example ‘I stood in the rain, got soaked, that is how I got my Arthritis’. Likewise for Osteoperosis, due to bone loss any exciting news from the many people who have been on the ISS for extended periods? Do you know yet how to stop loosing bone mass?

  2. Here are links to a couple of articles that discuss bone loss.

    You could also enter the term “bone loss” in the search box to get additional information on this topic.

  3. why donn’t you use velcro small wieght bags placed in any or all areas of uniforms to prevent muscle and bone loss?

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