Solar Arrays Module Offers Versatility for Student Podcasts

DIY Podcast topic modules tend to offer enough variety that no two student projects will be the same. And that certainly seems to be the case with the new Solar Arrays module. The educational information and multimedia content let you choose from multiple topics as the focus of your podcast. Students can build podcasts about solar energy, electricity, spacecraft solar arrays or the International Space Station’s life support system — just to name a few.

Astronaut Bill McArthur explains how the space station gathers power through its solar arrays to run space station systems, life support and experiments. Electricity is vital to life on the station. McArthur discusses how the solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. And he lists examples of why electricity is a necessity on the station.

The Solar Arrays module includes images of the Environmental Control and Life Support System because it provides most of the functions McArthur mentions in the audio and video clips. The module also gives you easy access to images of electrical wiring on the station and the many computers, experiments and pieces of equipment that require electricity on the station.

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