Apollo 40th Anniversary Audio and Video Available in DIY Podcast Module

This year marks the 40th anniversary of humans’ first steps on the moon. NASA’s theme for the 2009 observance is “Celebrate Apollo: Exploring the Moon, Discovering Earth.” This is an opportune time for you and your students to examine one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century. And NASA Education’s new DIY Podcast module, Rocket Evolution, puts historic multimedia content at your fingertips. The module provides a collection of Apollo audio and video clips that students can download to create their own podcast. Rocket Evolution considers the influence of the Apollo era on present and future rockets. One example is the Constellation Program’s plans to use a derivative of the Apollo J-2 engine as America prepares to go back to the moon and on to Mars.

You’ll find a lot of helpful information and multimedia content about the Apollo Program through the DIY Podcast, but that’s just the beginning. A NASA Web section dedicated to the Apollo 40th Anniversary is loaded with multimedia galleries, a First Footprints toolkit and historical information that will enhance your students’ podcasts.

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One thought on “Apollo 40th Anniversary Audio and Video Available in DIY Podcast Module”

  1. I still remember well in 1969 when I was a little kid watching the Apollo 11 on the old black and white TV. It was one of those “where were you at the time” moments, I was in the lounge room with my family.

    These will certainly bring back the feel for that era. I’m sure that there is a lot of work being put in to bringing all of this together for our benefit.

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