Finding Apollo and Space Shuttle Photos

The DIY Podcast Rocket Evolution module includes links to some of NASA’s Apollo and space shuttle images. But, as you might expect, NASA has many photos of the Apollo/Saturn V and the space shuttle. These images are available online in several places.

The JSC Digital Image Collection from Johnson Space Center in Houston offers most of the Apollo images, early shuttle images and images from other human spaceflight missions. Browse the collection to find images from a specific mission. NASA Images features a timeline at the bottom of the main page that could be helpful as students collect information and multimedia content for their podcasts. Rolling over the timeline causes different NASA missions to pop up. Students may select the mission they want and then narrow their search by selecting from a list of What, Where, Who and When. Students also may use the search box to find images of specific parts of Apollo or the shuttle, such as the J-2 engine or solid rocket boosters.

Each shuttle mission has its own image gallery. The Space Shuttle Gallery has photos from preflight to postflight and lets you select images associated with a specific mission. Some of the best pictures of the spacecraft are captured during launch and landing, and are available in Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Archives.

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3 thoughts on “Finding Apollo and Space Shuttle Photos”

  1. come on man, why haven’t we at least built the original shuttle plans without the huge tanks. What happened to the x-33 space plane. Do we have to pay the Russians to continue space flight? What a bummer.

  2. great resourse for pix. nice shots. my dad was an apollo and orbiter primary player back in the early 70s. e have great stuff of launches and moc-ups of the shuttle from the facility in Downey.

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