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As your students engage with NASA content in the DIY Podcast activity, we hope they’ll become intrigued with NASA’s mission and want to be a part of it. NASA offers fulfilling careers for engineers, mathematicians, astronomers, physicists, chemists, pilots, surgeons, attorneys, accountants and experts in many other exciting fields that may interest your students. NASA Education has launched a new Web page to help students learn about jobs at NASA. It provides career information, such as opportunities for students to intern at NASA, descriptions of jobs at NASA and career resources sorted by grade levels.


NASA Careers

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3 thoughts on “NASA Career Resources”

  1. This is my Dad’s email address.

    I want to know what food you will take to Mars when you go. Is it ordinary food or special stuff.

    I am 7 years old.

    I think I want to be an astronaut and to fly to Mars.

    How do I put my name down?

    Ben Booth

  2. I’m in 9th Grade. I’m interested in becoming a chemist and working at NASA. Can you give me information and best colleges?

  3. I like to make spacecraft models of my own design and i would like to show it to you and i would like to design future models for nasa, I am a 13 year old boy and would like to come to nasa.

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