Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

Most of the DIY Podcast topic modules feature astronauts on the International Space Station explaining or demonstrating scientific concepts. Your students can create audio podcasts with the sound clips we provide on the Audio Clips page of each topic module. But what if your students could interview an astronaut aboard the space station and ask the specific questions they want answered? Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, or ARISS, offers this opportunity.

If you or one of your students’ parents is a ham radio operator, you may be able to contact an astronaut aboard the station. Record the conversation audio, and then your students will have unique content to add to their podcasts. As students prepare for a 10-minute session with a space explorer, they could study a topic related to a DIY Podcast module, listen to the clips provided in the module, and then ask informed questions to get answers they would like to include as sound bites in their own podcasts.

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One thought on “Amateur Radio on the International Space Station”

  1. I was in Buzios, Brazil, on the night of December 1st, just before midnight we both saw the biggest shooting star ever !!

    not one of those little one’s you see that was clearly a billion miles away but one that clearly looked to have penatrated the earths atmosphere and almost looked as if it landed within driving distance (although I’m sure it could have been hundreds if not thousands of miles away… it still looked really freakin close…)

    did anyone else see this ? if so any insight as to what we saw, we were both pretty floored by it and would love to know if we actually saw something as special as what we think we saw..

    we were looking at the sky in a North Easterly direction and the object was moving from left to right (not very technical I know, I’m in real estate, not the scientific community)

    Peace : )

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