Production Ideas for Using Still Images in Video Podcasts

We’re wrapping up our blog series on using still images in video projects with a few production ideas for developing classroom projects with DIY Podcast materials. In the Sports Demo topic module, astronaut Clayton Anderson demonstrates sports in microgravity. He shows how it’s different to play ball or do gymnastics without the full force of Earth’s gravity. Your students could show the earthbound perspective by taking pictures with their digital cameras.

 It might be fun for your class to participate in the same sporting events that Anderson demonstrates on the space station. You could designate a few students to take action shots of their classmates playing baseball. Some of the students who play in the baseball game could serve as photographers for the next sporting event. By the end of your sports demo, all the students will get to shoot photos and play sports.

With the use of transitions and special effects, your class could create a video product exclusively using still images. If you take that approach, you could grab still images from the Sports Demo video clips to draw a contrast between sports in space and on Earth. You could mix in some of the stills on the DIY Podcast: Sports Demo Images page. Or your class may prefer to capture video and just drop in still images for titles, transitions or special effects.

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  1. What an amazing thing to be able to have access to see what’s going on in space – right from the classroom.

  2. I agree with the idea of using still images in video productions. It is a unique image making process. You can use Still images that are older than video or film that have good expression and perhaps capture more poignant expression from earlier days. You can use still images really well I believe by using digital zoom features to slowly zone in or out of important aspects or features.

  3. I think that you have one of the coolest jobs! As a parent I can not express gratitude that I feel for all of the hard working folks such as your self who are educating our children, all I have is THANK YOU!
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