Additional NASA Audio Clips

All of NASA Education’s DIY Podcast topic modules include audio clips your students can download for their podcasts. You also may want to include related audio clips available on the NASA Audio File page. The page has sound clips with NASA scientists, researchers, astronauts and officials, as well as natural sound of events such as spacecraft launch and landing.


If your class creates podcasts using the new DIY Podcast Robots topic module, you might consider a couple of Viking spacecraft sound clips from the NASA Audio File page. They would work nicely with a DIY Podcast clip of robotic systems engineer Fernando Zumbado talking about NASA’s planetary mission robots. In clip No. 9 on the Audio Clips and Video Clips

pages of the Robots module, Zumbado mentions the Viking spacecraft and the Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers. Browse the NASA Audio File archives to find and download related clips that complement the Zumbado clips your students use in their podcasts.

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