The Ultimate “Ask the Experts” Experience!

Would your students like to ask an astronaut on the space station how Newton’s Laws work? Would they like to ask questions to feature in their own podcast? NASA’s In-flight Education Downlink opportunities could make this possible. Your school or educational organization can submit a proposal to host an education downlink with crew members aboard the International Space Station. The format is similar to a videoconference, where students ask questions of astronauts and cosmonauts orbiting 220 miles above Earth and travelling 17,500 mph. Imagine your entire school watching the expedition crew answering your students’ questions live from the space station. To be considered, your school must submit a proposal to NASA. Note that a limited number of downlinks are planned for each expedition.


There is currently a call for proposals for an educational downlink during Expeditions 25 and 26. These downlinks are planned to take place between September 2010 and March 2011. The deadline to submit a proposal is May 31, 2010.


If your class is using the DIY Podcast topic modules, be sure to include this information in your proposal.


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  1. Wow!This is great news. I'm sure this will be a great experience for both the students and NASA's astronaut. I hope they can also do it in Asia.

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