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NASA is a sponsor of the OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award. In this contest, students submit videos about NASA Spinoffs. A spinoff is NASA technology that is being reused in different ways. 

The Making Your Video page of the contest website has five videos with tips for creating a video. You and your students may use these tips as you create productions with DIY Podcast modules.

Video screengab from NASA OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award "Making Your Video" page

                       Watch simple tips to improve the quality of your podcast episode

Tip 1: Enough is enough! This tip discusses the ideal length for your clips.
Tip 2:  Get framed. Discover techniques on framing the subject of your video, including how to choose the best angle for and distance from the subject.
Tip 3:  What was that? Learn how to avoid audio issues, including background noise.
Tip 4:  Movin’ on. Get tips on transferring videos from the camera to the computer.
Tip 5:  Cut! Begin editing your video.

    Each video lasts less than two minutes but gives enough information to help even the novice video producer create a better product.

    Check out the OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award site, and submit your video. Registration is open to students in grades 3-12, and the registration deadline is Jan. 3, 2012. Video submissions must be received by Jan. 17, 2012.

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