Exploration Careers DIY Podcast Module

When I was teaching, one of my students’ favorite days was Career Day.

It was a big deal. The entire eighth-grade class researched careers that interested them and then created their own resumes. On Career Day, they dressed “professionally” and had job interviews with volunteers from the community.

The event was interdisciplinary, but it was mostly English- and social studies-related. I taught science and math. If I were still teaching, I would use the DIY Podcast: Exploration Careers module to involve my science classes.

Two people dressed in spacesuits work in the desertThe new module features NASA experts who make human exploration possible. We have highlighted each of them in previous modules. But in this one, the experts talk more about what they do on their jobs and how they came to that position. They describe some of the most interesting things they have done while working at NASA. Everyone has a story.

We also have clips from NASA human resource specialists. These are the people who choose students for internships and hire new employees. One of the specialists, Karen Burton, gives interview tips and hints on how to prepare now for a future career. The other, Chris Randall, is a former aerospace engineer who came to NASA as an intern. Now he is the director of the Pathways Program at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. The Pathways Program is the new internship program that has replaced the cooperative education program at NASA. Randall gives insight on the type of worker NASA will be looking for in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, fields.

DIY Podcast: Exploration Careers

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