Countdown Milestones

Here’s a rundown of the next hour or so as the launch teams make the final preps for launch, followed by the liftoff and ascent of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as it places NOAA’s DSCOVR spacecraft on course for its L1 location about a million miles from Earth.

5:45:12 p.m.           Terminal countdown poll
5:50:12 p.m.           Power to DSCOVR
5:52:12 p.m.           DSCOVR poll
5:55:12 p.m.           Mission Director terminal countdown poll
5:57:12 p.m.           Launch Conductor terminal count poll
5:57:12 p.m.           SpaceX terminal count poll
6:00:12 p.m.           Terminal count autosequence
6:02:12 p.m.           DSCOVR to internal power
6:03:12 p.m.           DSCOVR poll
6:05:12 p.m.           Mission Director poll
6:05:12 p.m.           DSCOVR transition to internal power complete
6:07:12 p.m.           Launch vehicle status check
6:07:42 p.m.           Go for launch
6:08:12 p.m.           Range “Green”
6:10:12 p.m.           Launch
6:12:56 p.m.           First stage cutoff
6:13:00 p.m.           Stage 1 jettison
6:13:07 p.m.           Second stage ignition
6:13:48 p.m.           Fairing jettisoned
6:18:56 p.m.           Second stage engine cutoff (SECO) begins 22-minute coast phase
6:40:21 p.m.           Second stage engine restart (58 seconds)
6:41:19 p.m.           Second stage engine cutoff-2 (SECO-2)
6:45:20 p.m.           DSCOVR spacecraft separation
6:46:52 p.m.           DSCOVR solar array deploy
6:51:31 p.m.           DSCOVR power positive

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