Teams Prepping for Monday Launch

NASA Launch Commentator Mike Curie: A preliminary decision has been made to work toward a second launch attempt tomorrow at 6:07 p.m. EST. Our coverage on the NASA Launch Blog and NASA TV’s countdown coverage will begin at 5 p.m. EST.

2 thoughts on “Teams Prepping for Monday Launch”

  1. Another launch scrubbed. It must be 80% of first launch attempts that are scrubbed. Why so high? Russia must have a 95% first launch success rate. Why the difference? Something must be wrong somewhere.

  2. Actually, it just seems to be that way.

    What happened today was NOT a fault of the Falcon Rocket – rather, the loss of a primary downrange tracking and safety radar.

    We launch over the sea because we do not have the luxury of Siberia for rocket parts to fall into. The Russians launch over land because they DO. Russian Soyouz first and second stages crash into Siberia. Ours land in the South Atlantic – where lots of boats travel, amongst other things.

    Russia also has the luxury of long practice crashing rockets into the steppes. Please look up the Energia booster issues and see if you can find any videos of their massive explosions. They’re pretty cool.

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